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Repairing and solving common septic problems with the most advanced technology.

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A certified and trained technician from Canadian Sanitation can help find a solution without replacing the entire system.

Most septic service providers don’t have the technology or training to provide septic system repairs, which is why they almost always offer a full replacement. This is where Canadian Sanitation stands out. Our technology is the only one in its class to be endorsed by both the province of Ontario and the government of Canada as a safe and effective method for remediating failing systems.

In addition to these advanced technologies, we also install and service conventional (and unconventional) septic systems. At Canadian Sanitation, our team is honest and only does work that’s absolutely necessary. We won’t try to upsell you or recommend a replacement if we can fix it. Our on-site assessment will let us know if you can fix your septic system, including the most cost-effective solution based on a personalized assessment.

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Using Advanced BioTechnology to repair
failing septic systems without replacement.

When soil becomes clogged, wastewater flows slowly and raw sewage water surfaces near the drain field. Eventually, the ground becomes saturated and sewage rises from the ground or flows toward your home, putting your family’s health and property’s safety at risk. In Ontario, you can be fined thousands of dollars for raw sewage seeping up from the ground on your property.

Canadian Sanitation is proud to be a SludgeHammer technology provider. SludgeHammer is designed for adaptable and efficient wastewater treatment. The SludgeHammer system is highly scalable and can serve individual homes and larger applications such as communities, restaurants, and campgrounds.


SludgeHammer units are compatible with any standard septic tank, have a simple installation process, and operate on minimal electrical power, a similar amount as a single light bulb. This incredible efficiency significantly reduces the need for frequent and expensive sludge removal services. Maintenance demands are minimal due to the system’s design, which leverages a biologically advanced process powered by trillions of beneficial bacteria and oxygen. The system’s sole mechanical component, a low-watt linear blower, is conveniently located for easy access and cleaning.

The SludgeHammer method is non-invasive, rejuvenating leach fields internally to prevent landscape disruption and eliminate odours, making “septic” concerns a thing of the past. Environmentally, the SludgeHammer Blend™ employs natural bacteria to break down waste and purify water, safeguarding the surrounding ecosystem. This process eliminates organic pollutants and enables water reclamation for irrigation, enriching the soil with returned nutrients. The beneficial bacteria introduced by the SludgeHammer system are a boon for soil fertility, promising a sustainable and ecological approach to wastewater management that lasts a lifetime.

Canadian Sanitation has the technology, equipment, and expertise to repair your septic system, provide a full inspection to prevent future problems and complete a septic tank pump. By using advanced technology to restore aged and clogged soil, we can help you avoid a costly and time-consuming replacement.

Your go-to septic service provider to solve even the most complex septic issues

In addition to wastewater treatment and soil and drain field remediation, our team utilizes state-of-the-art alarms and in-line heat tracing. For the alarm phase, we have also developed a new piece of technology exclusive to our clients. We can install and service all the equipment we use. We offer full repair services, including emergency repairs.


Knowing Whether Your Septic System Can Be Repaired

Most clients ask this question when faced with a serious issue: can their system be repaired without having to replace it? The short answer is: yes, more often than not, septic system issues can be repaired.

When you call us for service, we:

  • Inspect and test all existing equipment, including pumps, floats, and alarms. We also examine the condition of the tank.
  • Check the drain field for damage, identifying any physical damage, organic failure, and landscaping issues.
  • Determine whether a repair is possible based on the condition of all equipment and the drain field.
  • Develop a septic system service recommendation based on our assessment of any physical or organic damage to your property.

When your drain field isn’t working, you’ll notice soft or muddy patches, foul odours, and lush green grass. A failing drain field poses a huge health and safety risk, an environmental threat, and a significant risk of winter freeze, which can cause sewage backup in your home. Never ignore signs of drain field failure – give us a call right away!

Services backed by guarantees and warranties.

At Canadian Sanitation, we’re confident about our workmanship. All of our work is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee on remediation projects and a comprehensive warranty on all equipment installed. When you choose our team, you’re choosing the highest level of quality septic services in the industry.


An industry leader in advanced technologies and innovative methods.

With a wide variety of septic systems, technologies, and cost-effective solutions, Canadian Sanitation will solve your most challenging septic problems. All members of our team are skilled and trained in all aspects of our trade, from advanced biotechnologies and conventional methods to regulatory compliance and mechanical engineering.

Get Financing on all septic services & products.

When a septic system fails, it can be frustrating, frightening, and often expensive to fix. Canadian Sanitation offers financing (on approved credit) on all of our services and products to ensure your peace of mind. We do our best to find the most cost-effective solution possible to even the most complex problems.


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Each client needs a customized septic system that is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and suited to their specific needs. As your septic system expert, we take the time to educate you about your septic system and will never push you to decide on something you don’t need.

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