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Have a septic system emergency? Canadian Sanitation is available 24/7, 365 to provide emergency septic system repairs.

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We provide professional septic system installation, repair, and septic tank pumping in the counties of Tiny Township, Georgian Bay, Severn, Springwater, Tay Township

When you need comprehensive services for your septic system, Canadian Sanitation is your go-to service provider. Using the most advanced technology in the industry, we can discover repairable options for drain field, mounds, and sand filters. While most service providers can only offer one solution, we can solve even your most challenging septic system problems.

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Your septic system works all year round and can cause issues at any time of the day. Some septic system problems can have substantial costs and pose serious health and safety risks. When you’re experiencing a problem with your septic system or septic tank, our technicians are available 24/7 for immediate response and service.

The advanced biotechnology we use in soil recovery is one of the best in the industry

In most cases, septic systems fail in the drain field due to the buildup of biomat, an organic weave inside the drain field. This build-up of thick slime in the soil slows down water flow until it eventually appears at the surface instead of going down.

In order to convert a septic tank into an oxygen-rich environment, an Aerobic Bacteria Generator inoculates the effluent (wastewater) with a specific bacteria culture that consumes organic matter in the septic tank and throughout the drain field. As soon as the biomat digests, organically failed drain fields return to normal functioning indefinitely after a short period of remediation.

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Services backed by guarantees and warranties.

At Canadian Sanitation, we’re confident about our workmanship. All of our work is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee on remediation projects and a comprehensive warranty on all equipment installed. When you choose our team, you’re choosing the highest level of quality septic services in the industry.

We follow the regulations of both the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada. Our team is educated and experienced in all areas of the septic system industry, including advanced biotechnologies, conventional methods, regulatory compliance, and mechanicals.

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A failing septic system can be a frustrating and often frightening experience with worries about cost. At SepTech Canada, we do our best to find a cost-effective solution for even the most complex challenges. We offer financing (on approved credit) on all of our services and products for your peace of mind. We focus on repair and remediation whenever possible, saving our clients hundreds and thousands of dollars in full system replacement costs.


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Each client needs a customized septic system that is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and suited to their specific needs. As your septic system expert, we take the time to educate you about your septic system and will only recommend services that you need with no obligation.

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