Septic Tank Alarms

A septic system alarm can prevent nearly 100% of sewer back-ups that lead to expensive property damage.

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You can and will save your house from damaging sewer backups by installing a septic alarm.

If anything goes wrong with your septic system, a professionally installed septic alarm is your first line of defence. The alarm signal is designed to alert you to sewer water level issues. Canadian Sanitation promises immediate response, 24/7, to sewer water level issues in septic tanks.

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An alarm is an essential part of protecting your septic system.

Septic alarms let you know when the system needs attention. It alerts you when something isn’t right, such as the water level being higher or lower than it should be, which can indicate an issue with the pump, timer, floats, and other parts. This can help you avoid an emergency situation, such as wastewater flowing back into your home.

Unless you have a septic alarm in place, you will not know there is an issue until it becomes an emergency. If the alarm is activated, you will have time to address the issue and typically have a full day’s worth of water.

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Your septic system works all year round and can cause issues at any time of the day. Some septic system problems can have substantial costs and pose serious health and safety risks. When you’re experiencing a problem with your septic system or septic tank, our technicians are available 24/7 for immediate response and service.

Professional Septic Alarm Installation

Alarms for septic systems can be mounted to your home’s wall, outside the tank, or inside the property.

The different types of septic tank alarms include:

  • A dedicated circuit – Typically, we recommend a dedicated circuit or a separate circuit from the effluent pump in the septic system. If an electrical circuit trips due to a pump failure, the alarm on that circuit does not work and cannot alert you.
  • Exterior power – If a dedicated circuit isn’t possible, we can use an exterior-powered alarm with failover protection. This makes sure the alarm keeps working even if there’s a circuit breaker tripped.
  • Wireless – For existing septic systems without alarms and where float cables and electrical aren’t possible, wireless alarms offer flexibility. Septic tank alarms use wireless or Bluetooth technology to send signals to the homeowner’s mobile device.

There are three elements to septic tank alarms: a float or level monitoring system to detect how high the wastewater level is, a visual component, and a buzzer. A septic alarm is a simple yet effective device that can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in property damages and repairs, whether you have an old or new system.

What Happens When Your Septic Alarm Goes Off

It’s not a reason to panic if your septic alarm goes off. These alarms alert you to potential problems before they become serious.

As a first step, you should check the floor drains for sewer water entering the home. You should also check the septic tank effluent level by opening the lid and observing the level of the water. If the problem persists, inform the household to reduce the amount of water it consumes.

Next, call us and we will assist you with some basic troubleshooting and ask you preliminary diagnostic questions. If necessary, one of our technicians will conduct an on-site assessment and make service recommendations. When your septic alarm goes off, never ignore it, even if you don’t see any issues. We will make sure all bases are covered, and your system is working properly.


Septic Alarm Installation From Canadian Sanitation

Choosing Canadian Sanitation for your septic system alarm installation ensures that you are receiving high-quality products and expert services. Our products are covered by comprehensive warranties and guarantees, ranging from a 20-year warranty on workmanship to a Lifetime warranty on technology and equipment.

You will be given a detailed explanation of how your new alarm system works by one of our technicians. In contrast to a shared sewage system, your septic system is yours and yours alone, so you must care for it and maintain it. In order to help keep their septic system functioning properly for as long as possible, we educate our clients on how it works and how to prevent common problems.

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We are happy to assist you with any questions regarding septic system equipment, accessories, or repair. As a leading name in the industry, Canadian Sanitation uses the latest technology to optimize your septic system.

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