We are Proud to Have Earned the OOWA Septic Business of the Year Award!

OOWA Septic Business of the Year Award

Canadian Sanitation is proud to announce that we have been awarded the OOWA Septic Small Business Owner of the Year Award for 2023-2024. It’s a true honour for us to have earned this prestigious award, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to OOWA, our clients, and our community for their trust and support.

About the OOWA Septic Small Business Owner of the Year Award

The OOWA Septic Small Business Owner of the Year award recognizes a dedicated small business owner who works exceptionally hard to provide their clients with quality work and services. OOWA’s membership is made up of incredible small businesses that are at the forefront of the onsite wastewater industry. The recipient of this award abides by the Member Code of Conduct and is recognized by their community for having unparalleled integrity and reliability. 

About the OOWA

The Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association is a key provincial non-profit organization committed to advancing the onsite and decentralized wastewater management sectors. It offers industry support by providing knowledge and expertise in promoting sustainable practices through education, advocacy, and the development of enhanced standards of practice. OOWA’s initiatives are geared towards elevating industry standards and advocating for policies that support environmental sustainability.

OOWA’s membership is diverse, encompassing a broad spectrum of professionals from installers, designers, and technicians to inspectors, haulers, and policymakers. It also includes academics, researchers, and educators, all dedicated to forwarding the cause of efficient and environmentally sound wastewater management. The diversity of members makes OOWA a pivotal platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences and fostering leadership and volunteerism within the industry.

The association works closely with private and public partners to provide ongoing guidance and support to communities and system owners across Ontario. These efforts strengthen OOWA’s advocacy work, focusing on educational outreach and practical advice to enhance environmental protections. A key goal of OOWA is to safeguard Ontario’s precious freshwater resources and support rural property owners’ infrastructure needs, ensuring that public health and environmental integrity are maintained.

About Canadian Sanitation

Canadian Sanitation is the leading septic service provider in Simcoe County, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to enhance residential wastewater management. Our extensive service range encompasses septic pumping, inspections, bed remediation, system installations, and emergency repairs, addressing the diverse needs of modern households. 

The recognition of Canadian Sanitation’s commitment to excellence is evident in receiving this award. This honour not only underscores the company’s dedication to quality and service but also solidifies its reputation as a leader in the septic services sector.

We pride ourselves on our proactive approach to septic system maintenance, emphasizing the importance of regular checks to circumvent significant issues. With seasonal changes posing potential risks to septic systems, we advise homeowners to undertake timely maintenance to prevent emergencies like system backups, which can lead to substantial inconvenience and health hazards. 

Specializing in standard maintenance and comprehensive real estate inspections, including hydraulic load tests, We ensure that septic systems function efficiently without overloading, averting system failures and significantly extending system life.

Meet Brock Peel

Brock Peel, co-owner of Canadian Sanitation, is driven by a vision to establish the company as the leading septic service provider in Simcoe County. With a residential construction and excavation background, Peel brings a wealth of expertise and a unique perspective to septic system management. His in-depth understanding of the intricacies involved in the design and functionality of septic systems enhances his approach, enabling him to address and resolve complex septic issues effectively.

Peel’s commitment to educating homeowners about the best practices for septic system care is a testament to his dedication to service and empowering clients with knowledge. He uses clear, understandable terms to explain critical aspects of septic management, such as the influence of soil conditions on the size of leaching beds. For instance, Peel elucidates how soil percolation times, or ‘T-time,’ determine the necessary size of a leaching field, highlighting the substantial differences in requirements between soil types like sandy versus clay soils.

Under Peel’s guidance, Canadian Sanitation remedies existing systems to restore them to optimal functionality and customizes new installations to meet each household’s specific needs. This tailored approach ensures that every septic system installed is the most efficient and cost-effective for the homeowner, with the least environmental impact. Peel’s leadership and strategic vision continue to drive Canadian Sanitation towards its goal of preventing problems before they occur, saving homeowners time and money while providing reliable and sustainable septic solutions.

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For all your septic system needs, Canadian Sanitation serves Simcoe County, including Tay Township, Springwater, Georgian Bay, Coldwater, Tiny Township, Penetanguishene, Severn, and Orillia.

For more information, visit our website, call (705) 331-2669, or email us at service@canadiansanitationinc.ca