The Long-Term Savings of Regular Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic Tank Maintenance

Maintenance is an essential element in having a functional and smoothly running septic system. By ensuring your system has routine septic tank cleanings, inspections and proactive repairs, it can prolong the life of your septic system and negate other risks that occur with a neglected septic system.

Routine treatments like septic tank cleanings, septic tank pumping, inspections and other proactive services ensure your septic tank’s life remains functional and prolonged. A neglected septic system entails more than a heavy financial cost, it can have environmental and health impacts. 

How Much Do Regular Septic Cleanings Cost?

According to the Ontario Association for Sewage Industry Services,  in order to prevent clogging, a septic system should be pumped every two to three years by a licensed sewage disposal technician. 

Depending on the size of your tank, it may require more frequent pumping. Those with smaller tanks, in homes with more people in it, or houses equipped with garbage disposals. 

The price you will pay for your septic tank cleaning relies on a few factors, this can include: 

  • The volume of sewage or wastewater that needs to be pumped away and the size of your tank
  • The amount of prep work required prior to the septic pumping service (things such as if the lids are exposed or if access risers are installed, and others)
  • The condition of the tank itself, whether it’s a simple pump-out or a tank cleaning for inspection

Septic pumping is less expensive than if the septic tank or drainfield would need repairing. With the above factors in mind, the estimated cost for septic tank cleanings in Ontario is around: 

A 3000L (800 Gallons): $400 – $500

A 6000L (1500 Gallons): $500 – $650

8000L (1800 Gallons): $550 – $650 

Tanks larger 8000L (2000 Gallons): $650 – $800 

What Happens If A Septic Tank Is Poorly Maintained?

Poorly maintained septic systems are prone to blockages and clogs, additionally the overall life of the system decreases. Essential functional components like the drainfield can become contaminated and impact surrounding bodies of water. There are also associated health risks that can be caused by neglected systems. 

This is only a slight overview of one of the complications that can occur with a poorly maintained system, for a more comprehensive look check out our blog on septic tank pumping

How Much Do Septic Tank Repairs Or Septic Replacements Cost?

Since septic tanks are responsible for containing and filtering wastewater, if they become damaged they need immediate attention. If not repaired quickly, they can create dangerous hazards on the homeowner’s property. With proper maintenance of a system it actually increases the lifespan of the septic system and saves the homeowner money. 

On average the estimated repair costs are roughly $1,200. Although the actual costs can range based on a range of factors, more extensive septic tank repairs can be as high as $9,000. It’s always best to speak with a certified technician for an accurate estimate. 

Scheduled and regular maintenance helps proactively treat issues within the septic system before they become expensive repairs or replacements. 

Your septic system is a crucial part of your household and ensuring it gets the professional care and attention it needs is why Canadian Sanitation is here. Our certified and professional technicals are capable of handling a multitude of septic tank issues from septic tank servicing to pumping and everything in between. Contact us today!