Navigating Septic System Repairs: Recognizing the Signs and Taking Action

Septic System

Many rural Ontario homeowners don’t pay much attention to their septic system when it’s working correctly. The septic system is an unsung hero of our homes, keeping our water clean and flowing, but when it starts to malfunction, it can be very disruptive and costly. When septic system repair is necessary, it’s essential to contact a professional at the first signs of septic issues. 

Common Signs of Septic Tank Issues

An early sign of septic failure is slow drains and toilets. Slow-moving water could indicate a clog or blockage. Things like wet wipes or excessive grease can lead to issues, and knowing what you can flush is vital to your septic system’s lifespan. 

When unpleasant sewage-like odours reveal themselves around your home, it can indicate an issue and be a hazard to your health. In this case, calling a professional is necessary to deal with the problem immediately. 

If your plumbing fixtures start to make gurgling noises, it can mean that blockages and improper drainage are causing air to escape. 

When it comes to your drainage field and the surrounding area, if your grass looks better than it ever has, that could mean that nutrient-dense wastewater is overflowing.

The most critical indicator of septic issues is a backup and overflow inside your home. It can be alarming, dangerous, stressful and requires emergency septic repair services

Causes of Septic Tank Issues

Clogs and blockages can be caused by sending obstructive items into your septic tank, like wet wipes, excess grease, chemicals, sanitary products, or coffee grounds. Items that don’t naturally break down will inevitably cause slow drains and blockages. 

When tank overflows happen, it can be caused by infrequent pumping, meaning there’s a build-up of solids and scum. In cases where you may have guests over or excessive water usage in a short time frame, it can overload your septic system, causing an overflow because the tank can’t keep up. 

When the drain field is impacted, it causes tank issues, foul odours, and slow drains. If there has been foot or vehicle traffic over the drain field, soil can become compacted, and wastewater can’t be absorbed. This causes wastewater to pool on the drain field. 

An essential part of septic tank maintenance is regular pumping by a septic professional. When there is an accumulation of solids in the bottom of the tank, and it is not regularly pumped, it will eventually hit its capacity and cause a backup. 

When to Call a Professional for Septic System Repair

When these common signs appear, it’s better to call a professional at the first signs rather than when the problem inevitably becomes worse. Regular maintenance can help prevent common septic issues, and pumping can mitigate the risk of backups. 

If there is damage to your septic system, repairing your system should be the priority of any trusted professional, but sometimes a complete replacement is required. 

Canadian Sanitation Septic System Repair Services

Canadian Sanitation uses advanced technology to repair and maintain septic systems effectively. Our certified technicians specialize in analyzing and resolving various septic system failures, including issues with drain fields, mounds, and sand filters. By prioritizing repairs and remediation, we provide cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions, extending the life of your septic system.

For professional, reliable septic system repair, choose Canadian Sanitation. Our commitment to quality service, customer satisfaction, and integrity ensures that your septic system is in good hands. For an on-site consultation, contact us today.