How Canadian Sanitation Leverages SludgeHammer Technology

How Canadian Sanitation Leverages SludgeHammer Technology

SludgeHammer, a pioneering company in wastewater engineering, brings forth a sophisticated microbiological approach to the industry. Our revolutionary SludgeHammer Blend™, a bacterial inoculum, enables the seamless integration of elegantly designed hardware into conventional septic systems.

The outcome of this innovative process is the conversion of these systems into highly efficient, economically viable, and biologically potent wastewater treatment solutions, setting new standards in the field.

What is SludgeHammer Technology?

The lifespan of septic systems and residential wastewater treatment setups often faces limitations. As years of effluent accumulate, the soil becomes obstructed, leading to inefficient filtration and wastewater distribution. However, SludgeHammer has revolutionized the landscape of residential wastewater treatment with their game-changing SludgeHammer Blend™.

Resolving residential wastewater treatment issues can be a costly affair, but SludgeHammer products offer a cost-effective, low-maintenance, and sustainable solution upon completion. What sets SludgeHammer apart is its ability to fix failing leach systems without the need for extensive digging and replacements, which could otherwise lead to disastrous consequences for mature landscaping.

How SludgeHammer Works

Through a unique biological approach to address a biological problem, SludgeHammer operates quietly within the tank, utilizing air from a blower and ensuring a noise-free process. Unlike conventional solutions involving heavy equipment, SludgeHammer causes no harm to the landscaping. Furthermore, the product eliminates septic system odours, effectively transforming the tank into something more than just a “septic” unit.

SludgeHammer’s bacteria play a crucial role in rejuvenating and safeguarding the leachfield soil, acting as a form of insurance for the system. The liquid quality also sees a remarkable improvement, making it possible for recovery and utilization in irrigation systems like sub-surface drip. This dual function not only waters the landscape vegetation but also provides valuable fertilization.

Why Canadian Sanitation Uses SludgeHammer

Canadian Sanitation is proud to be a qualified company for providing SludgeHammer technology to our customers. By incorporating cutting-edge solutions like SludgeHammer, we help our customers save money on costly replacements and ensure a healthy septic system.

Canadian Sanitation empowers your septic systems to perform at their absolute best, preventing clogs and potential malfunctions that could lead to costly repairs or replacements. Our dedication to using top-notch methodologies means you can enjoy long-term savings by optimizing septic system performance and reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

With only the best in septic system technology and comprehensive septic system services such as septic tank pumping, septic system repairs, installation, inspections, and more, Canadian Sanitation is here to ensure your septic system is working as it should.

Whether you need septic system cleaning or have a question, contact us and we’d be happy to help.