Happy Holidays from Canadian Sanitation

Happy Holidays from Canadian Sanitation

After another wonderful year serving Simcoe County, we want to wish you a very Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. We are so thankful for our clients and will always appreciate your business. 

Holiday Tips for Your Septic System

Many of us in Simcoe County will host friends and family over the holidays. It’s the time of year when we welcome guests from out of town, have quality time and make memories with our favourite people. As a Simcoe resident, you are a septic system owner, so your bathroom facilities are an extra factor to consider when planning holiday parties. To ensure your septic system stays trouble-free during the holiday festivities, here are four essential tips for effective septic system care:

Get to Know Your Septic System Layout

Understanding the layout of your septic system is crucial. If you don’t have a system schematic, contact a professional septic contractor to obtain or create one. This knowledge is vital for safeguarding your system during large gatherings. Ensure areas like the drain field and septic tank are marked and off-limits to prevent damage from heavy foot traffic or parking, as excessive weight on these areas can lead to costly repairs.

Schedule a Septic System Pump-Out Before Your Event

Before your party, it’s wise to have your septic tank pumped. The additional bathroom usage during your event, due to the consumption of food and drinks, can significantly increase water flow, potentially overloading your system. This is especially important considering that a standard three-bedroom/two-bathroom home usually has a 1000-gallon tank, which might not accommodate many guests. A pre-party pump-out can prevent embarrassing backups and expensive system strain.

Educate Your Guests About Septic System Care

Many guests may not be familiar with the specifics of septic system maintenance. A brief overview of septic system dos and don’ts can help prevent mishaps. Key points should include:

  • Moderate water usage (for hand washing, cooking, or bathing with overnight guests).
  • A list of items not to flush.
  • A reminder that food solids should not go down the drain in homes with septic systems.

Keep Your Septic System Working This Holiday Season

By following these steps, you can enjoy your holiday festivities without worrying about your septic system. With a bit of preparation and awareness, your guests and your septic system can have a stress-free holiday season. However, Canadian Sanitation is available 24/7 to help if you need emergency services. 

From all of us at Canadian Sanitation, we wish you a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!